What happened to the Edens? And what is up with the Rhineharts? It all started with the desire to save the world. The apocalypse is coming, and these doomsday preppers are doing all they can to manage that reality – but even climate crusaders are people, too. An affair, and two dead children, and a grandchild who is probably on drugs. Lives torn apart by drugs, black marketeering, and secrets. Eventually they realize that no one knows who’s child is whose – and who murdered whom.

Will finding out tear them apart? Can they work together to stop the destruction of the whole world, or will drama, secrets, and black market dealings be the end of them – and the rest of us?

  • Remembering The Why Part 4: Writing In Circles
    I love those moments when something just clicks. I’ll write something for no reason other than to have something to say, and later I’ll get an amazing idea of how to connect it all together. Again, just walking through the world and seeing what I find that I want to show to others. It’s like I’ve got these dolls that I’m playing with, except that they talk to me and move on their own. Sometimes I give them a nudge or a drop them in a new setting, and then I record the simulation because of how fascinating I find it.
  • A Sticky Situation
    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #waxflowers “It’s mine, isn’t it.” My breath slams violently behind … More
  • Romona’s Garden
    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #waxflowers Holding his hands, I remember all the times Tav … More
  • Winter’s Train
    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #waxflowers “Winter,” I hear him call, above the distant roar … More
    What happened to the Edens? And what is up with the Rhineharts? It all started with the desire to save … More
  • Exultation
    Shutting the lid of the laptop, I stretch and go to the window. It will happen any day now, I’m … More
  • A Shelter in the Storm
    Just like all the other samples I posted, I’m not sure whether this Waxflowers short will make it into the final version. But that’s the great thing about the internet – you can do whatever you want. Enjoy!
  • Xanthation
    Far in the distance, the rock disappears before I see it hit the water. It had taken all my might … More
  • Cumulation
    Dear Tav, You foolish, foolish man. You don’t know what you’re missing out on, do you? Do you care? How … More
  • Vesication
    “Mom, I think I’m dying.” “Honey, you’re not dying. Calm down, take a deep breath.” “It hurts so much. My … More
  • Allegation
    Panic wakes me, and I come up out of the dream like breaking through water. Sputtering, I realize I had … More
  • Visitation
    What have I done? Everything seemed like it was made from liquid glass. The lights, the cold ceramic under my … More


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