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Following God is a Mistake, Don’t Do it

Jesus was perfect, and that perfection included questions and sadness and a wish that things could be different. But He still took God’s hand, crying and shaking though He was, and walked on.

Just like Peter. In Matthew 14, he sees Jesus walking on the water. Everyone else on the boat is like, “Wtf?” and Jesus is like, “Yo, it’s your homeboy. Stop stressin.” And Peter’s like, “Bro, you trippin. If it’s REALLY You, tell me to come roll with ya.” And Jesus is like, “Dude.” And Peter was like, “Dude!” And then he saw the waves, and was like, “dude….” And Jesus saved Him, and is like, “Dude. Seriously?”

Forty on 70 Review – Reedsy!

Overall, even reading a few parts of this book will give you something to think about and maybe even inspire you to change your life or point of view. This would be a great book for a road trip with lots of uninterrupted time, and for readers who enjoy a slower pace and aren’t distracted by writing mechanics.

They’re Choking

“Are you saying you want to die?” Her voice was even, without any judgment, but her fingers tightened against his head.

“Yes. No. Sometimes. I just don’t want to feel this anymore. I do belong with those men. And that kills me. I think the same way that they do. That I deserve to be angry. That everything that happened is your fault, and that I was just some sort of victim of circumstance. That any time I thought about hurting you or almost did hurt you, that it was just natural, that it’s better that I think about it, because that’s what’s keeping me from doing it.

When Everything Feels Hopeless

#strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith Hi, Lidi from January 4, 2022 here. So, I don’t think I published this, but I wrote it in May of last year. I came across it and it fits my current situation so well! I hope if you’re going through something like this right […]

Support Unfinished – Reap Rewards!

#strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #environment #carbonfootprint #carbonremoval #climateaction #climatechange #timesup #patreon #stripe Take a look at how Unfinished is helping to clean up the environment – when you give through stripe, 1.5% of your contribution goes toward removing carbon dioxide out of the air. Track our progress here! Become […]

Crash And Burn

That was it – the not enough. It was hazardous for him. As much as he enjoyed the thrill of triumphing over his temptations, there were times when he was too close to the edge, past the point of thrill and almost unable to come back. To the point where the craving nearly closed over his head and drowned him.

Famous Last Words

That was it – the not enough. It was hazardous for him. As much as he enjoyed the thrill of triumphing over his temptations, there were times when he was too close to the edge, past the point of thrill and almost unable to come back. To the point where the craving nearly closed over his head and drowned him.

You Mean You Can’t Just…? You Don’t Say! (Final Part)

#strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #bpd #sad #pmd #ptsd Okay, last one. Welcome back to the river. Who will these people be? Well, they can be your peers, superiors, charges, random strangers. Some you’ll come across more often, some not. Some you may be with for most […]

Seriously, though. Why Don’t You Just…? (Part 2)

#strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #bpd #sad #pmd #ptsd Welcome back. You’re here for my epic solution to all mental health issues ever. And if you know me by now, you know…. I don’t have one. I’m sorry, but there’s just not going to be one thing […]

Oh, Come on. Why Don’t You Just…? (Part 1)

#strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #bpd #sad #pmd #ptsd Alright, so I was writing my thoughts on how the Lost Souls in Disney Pixar’s Soul were a profound revelation to me about my mental health, and an answer to those around me who, with good intentions or […]

A Soul By Any Other Name – Soul Movie Review (Spoilers!)

In Disney-Pixar’s “Soul,” we take a brief look at a few small things – namely, the meaning of life, existence, and purpose. Despite the very Disney ending, this star-studded metaphysical romp has a very important message that I think will resonate with a lot of people. Full spoiler alert as always!

Backward Circles – My Fake (Future?) TV Show

The darkness is often hidden in the light. The light can be blinding, and nothing is as innocent as it seems. In this dark and twisted tale, Lanie, Ben, and Jake must navigate life after they return from a disastrous mission trip in Somalia. Their small town of Kirkby, Alberta, is the root of the abuse and neglect that has wreaked havoc on their minds and shaken their belief in God. Eaten by guilt, Lanie must return to the seedy underbelly of her life to keep Ben safe from the danger that has brought them all home. Jake vowed to protect Ben from anyone, including Lanie, but finds it difficult not to answer the call from the sirens of his violent past. And Ben isn’t sure what Jake’s problem is, because he’s pretty sure Lanie is the answer to all his drunken prayers – no matter what she has to say about it. As they search for answers about love, faith, and life, these three are haunted by shared traumas that could destroy not only themselves, but each other, if they don’t face it once and for all.

Graceful Jake McGuinness

So i discovered a thing. My original intention was to find one of those things where you can make a robot read a bunch of examples and then generate it’s own version of the work, and I ended up finding Plot Generator. It’s basically mad libs, where you put in a bunch of information and then it gives you a story. It can be really funny because even though you’ll be putting in info thinking it will be used one way, it ends up being completely different.

The More The Merrier

“Do you believe that he brings people together for a reason? I keep thinking I might be deluding myself that I can be there for her and Dre. How can someone like me be what they need? But I can’t leave.”

“Why do you want to leave?”

“Because I don’t deserve them. Not even a little.”

He wasn’t sure what Rowan saw in his face, because he didn’t even know that he was about to cry until she scooted over to him, and wrapped him in a hug. For a moment, he was stunned, but then he brought his hands up, and hugged her back, wrapped up in her floral, old-lady perfume. Though he was at least three times her size, he felt so small, once again.

Smile, Okay?

#strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #mentalhealth #authenticity Come closer, I’ll smile, okay? I promise I don’t bite I smile so you won’t see What should stay out of sight What if you see me? What if you guess my plight? What if you’re able to see How much I fear […]

goodbye Lucifer – Oh, Boy!

Well, hello there. It’s been a while. My God, my life has been in turmoil lately – and I think part of it might have been due to my moratorium on finishing Lucifer, a Netflix Original that I got into a few years ago. Oh, yes, and I binged too many Lisa Kleypas novels and […]

#139 Runaway

I hide in the darkness And hide from the light If I can’t run, then I gotta hide I’m a runaway If I wanna live Then I can’t be found I hide in their blindness I hide in plain sight If i don’t hide then I gotta fight It’s the secret of espionage Being a […]

#138 Don’t Look Back

Everyone has a secret A cross they have to bare Everyone has a dream They want but just won’t dare Everyone has a sorrow Or a joy that doesn’t last Anyone with a future Has a past. So take up your cross And follow me home The prize is right there Bright, shining like the […]

Safe In His Arms Again

Rising gracefully, he eased the guitar to hang across his back. He was wearing a white shirt, which usually dimmed the intensity of his eyes, but today he looked so happy that nothing could erase their gleam. They were like fiery diamonds. “I’m so glad you’re alive,” he said, sitting on the bed and leaning over to kiss her.

She caressed the soft bristles of his face, then twined her fingers in his silky waves. They were longer, curling at the ends and brushing the back of his neck. His skin smelled like hibiscus, and his breath tasted like cinnamon. She sighed into his familiar warmth.

“How long have I been out?”

Just a Small Neurotic Break

Lanie was clearly going through some sort of mental breakdown. And oh, was it something to behold. The violent dance of death was beautiful. Terrifying. And strangely intimate. Jealousy prodded Ben, in the same place where she’d poked her stick into his belly. It wasn’t that he wanted to be in Jake’s place right then. But just to share that closeness with her. To have her attention fully on him, acutely aware of every inch of his body and every move he made. Jake and Lanie seemed to read each other’s minds.

#142 Where you Go

There is nowhere you can fall That I will not save you, bring you back If you are lost, I will overturn every rock Search Heaven and hell Walk every mile of the earth To find you, bring you back I will guard you, bless you, keep you No matter how dark, no matter how […]

#135 Back to Haunt You

My first love, now shot and dying And I buried her in the park I left my shovel on her grave. Things are never over Just because you say it’s over And she has to come back for me. Oh, how she haunts me All the unfinished business All buried with her, too She leaves […]

#134 An Old Soul

He wants to be just like his father An artist, like his father is He writes beautiful songs and poetry Because his father did He is kind and soft and heart broken He loves the art of life Too bad for his future kids Too bad for his future wife. There the similarities end And […]

#132 At Last, the Goodbye

We’re going back to the way things were Before the nightmare started It’s over now, we’re waking up And we are broken hearted So back you go to where you came Pack your bags and go away You’ll never be back Because of the past, you can’t stay All the pain of all the years […]

#127 One of Those Things

Some things never lose their power over you Like sweet red win A love gone right A love gone wrong Something someone said Something you should have done I can’t help but replay those words I should never had known you said Or those words I should never have thought you meant I’m glad to […]

#129 Race Against Time

We’re all lined up at the starting line Coach has got his starting watch The whistle blows, we all take off Hoping this time we can beat the clock The last one through is this slow, short girl Puffing around the track No matter how fast the rest of us run This girl always holds […]

#128 Mirror Image

I’m frustrated, you’re frustrated I’m tired of it – so are you We both feel unwanted, we both want to leave We both feel we’ve done our best We’ve had it up to here We can’t take it anymore We both feel right, and the other must be wrong I want to say it, but […]

Toeing the Line

“Hang the children!” snapped Wallstead unapologetically. “Do you think I’m blind? That I was born yesterday? I’ll have you know that I’m nearly twice your age, missy. I swear by our Lord above, I’ve been healing people since longer than you’ve been alive. If there’s deference to be shown, it’s to me.”

“Nurse Wallstead – ”

She crossed her arms. “By God, if you were my daughter – ”

“I’d be dead, then, wouldn’t I?”

Silence. The words were out before Lanie could stop them. They were faster than the hand she slapped over her mouth. Faster than the iron bars that slammed down over Emma Wallstead’s face. Ben’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked between them in horror.

“Lanie!” he gasped, a delayed reaction.

“I – I’m sorry, Emma.”

And she fled.

#121 Hallways `

I’m scared to walk the halls alone In case I might see you there I’m scared to know what you’re thinking Because I’m just alone. I know I can’t avoid you It’s like you’re everywhere But maybe what I need to do Is just keep walking These lonely halls alone. #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog […]

#118 Speak Up

Her eyes will never smile Her eyes will never be bright Her hands are too worn to be beautiful Her words too soft to be heard Someone has taken taken away her voice What can she possibly do? Everyone tells her to speak, speak up Which sucks away more of her words The harder she […]

#117 The Parody

There’s never any light In her musty room You’ve betrayed me three too times And three times crossed yourself You think that you’re the king of the world The sight of you makes me feel empty Your words make you think You are speaking to me But you speak to an image in your mind […]

Guest Post – Grounding

by Francisca Nyachoto #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #poetry The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘grounding ‘ is the Earth…connection to the earth, connection to nature, stability, tranquillity, peace and a perfect stillness. Living in the times we are, the pandemic has left many people […]

#116 Pen to Paper

Random words I throw together All tied up with a broken tether They have no meaning that I can see I have no idea what they will be. They sound cool, so I write them down I like the way they feel and sound Then ten years later I understand The words that tumbled from […]

The Good Place vs The Bible

Hi. So. I just finished watching The Good Place for the second time. It only took three days, wow. I’m thinking of making it some sort of yearly tradition or something, because I love this show so much. It’s a world I really enjoy being in, intellectually speaking. It would be a horror show in […]

#109 Another Day

What’s the point of talking when you think that I’m a fake? What’s the point in compliments that you refuse to take? How can I be happy when the sky is cold and grey? How can I be happy when I’m so sad today? What’s the point in honesty when this world is a lie? […]