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Hey there,

So, I spent my first night back in the city, and I feel more motivated than ever to change my situation. The only Airbnb that I could afford for the week is an absolute disaster. It’s the most disgusting place I’ve ever stayed. They told me to leave my snowy, dirty boots on when I first entered, so you can imagine how terrible it is. It’s carpeted, so the stains are horrendous, and so is the smell. The walls are filthy, and so is the floor vent next to my bed. Which, by the way, is on the floor, so you can imagine how pleasant that is when the heater turns on. The “kitchen” that I was promised doesn’t even have a table and chairs, and there’s basically nothing to clean dishes with. It’s a good thing I decided to bring my own soap and gloves. I should have brought my disinfectant spray, too. No hand towels in the bathroom, but there was this gross, crusty towel on the banister outside the bathroom.

The carpet crunches, too. I have no idea the last time that this place was cleaned. It’s essentially a boarding house, a place converted to house at least 6 small bedrooms. I’m not sure if there’s any in the basement, but I guess we’ll find out if I get up the courage to go and do my laundry down there. The “host” who doesn’t actually live here seems to have done something similar to a few other properties in the city. So essentially there is no host. I even messaged him for the Wifi password last night and still have no answer. I’m going to have to see if someone here knows it.

Oh, and in the closet, there’s a pile of horribly smelly blankets. Everything here smells like unwashed males and sweat and cigarettes. It’s a good thing I brought my own bedding. But the fun part is that every time I move in bed I get a whiff of that stench. And it’s not something that you just get used to after a few breaths. I smell it with every breath.

The best part is that my door doesn’t even shut properly. Even though there’s a lock and a key, I can’t actually get the door to close, so anyone can come in here. When I’m out at work during the day, or even when I’m sleeping at night.

If you can call it sleeping. Last night, someone starting vacuuming at 1:43 am. I have no idea why. And then when that stopped, my next door neighbour started blasting his music and then his TV. The base is so strong on whatever he’s listening on. And I didn’t dare say anything because I’m the only female here with at least five guys and my door doesn’t shut properly, so I was really terrified that someone would try to retaliate. Because they’re not stupid, of course they know that vacuuming and blasting music will wake people up. They are just being awful.

I’d rather sleep in my car. I felt a lot safer, it was cleaner, and quieter. If it wasn’t dipping to -15 at night, I would probably just do that instead. This isn’t worth the money that I’m spending to stay here. I’d only recommend it for homeless people who have nowhere else to go. I’d feel bad for someone who actually travelled here on a vacation or something and arrived to find that there’s no bedding, no hygiene, and no host. As soon as I’m able, I’m never using Airbnb again.

I was in and out as people started getting up for work or whatever and using the shower early in the morning. So I woke up feeling worse than ever. This is definitely not a good start to my supposed new lease on life but I’m trying to see it as a temporary adventure. It doesn’t seem like there’s anyway to have a decent place to live without just being isolated by yourself on your own property, because there’s always going to be rude and obnoxious neighbours or roommates to spoil things.

So I’m off to my first day of work smelling like a frat house. Wish me luck!

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~ Romans 15:13


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