#36 The BIG Picture

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In the beginning, God created a big picture
But Satan just had to go and smash it
Sprinkling pieces all over the world. 

Why must we search for them All, I say? 
We are all a piece
If we would all just come together like God told us to
We'd have a big picture once again.

Life isn't fair. Yet all is fair in love and war.
We were born to die, so love must be apart from life.

How could they find the strength to up and just leave?
What's a place of honour to a place to rest your head?
What's five minutes to an hour?An hour to a day? 
Why must time be a span of broken dreams and hearts?

If every cloud has silver lining
A thunder storm must be a mine.
Fear not! For the wind must blow away your happiness 
For you to chase your dreams. 

Satan is the strongest wind, the fiercest of them all 
But we need not chase the puzzle pieces
We need but come together
To join hands and unite. 

Fiction is not based on reality! The two are intertwined
One without the other would be like a ship that sinks on land.
Fiction keeps us floating just above the waves of truth
The puzzle pieces lie but two feet beneath the surface
For those who'd dare to look. 

The day of judgement draws ever near
The day when Satan will quake with fear
What have I done? he might ask himself and frantically go searching

He might dive beneath the surface, and maybe catch a glimpse
But the weight of reality will be too much
He will drown beneath the truth. 

But fear not, there is still hope for us
The pieces are still within our reach
If we could trade in our selfish pride
For a clear perception of life. 

The Picture was not meant for Satan
For this is what it was!
A life with the Artist that waits for us
In a picture-perfect paradise. 

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~ Romans 15:13

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