The kings of Despartus

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Shaethan Cheva was supposed to be king – but instead, ended up despised and exiled. No one understands that the kingdom is now doomed – and he must restore the lineage of the throne through his son, Chimley, or he and everyone he cares about will pay. But Chimley isn’t sure about all that king stuff, and he definitely doesn’t believe in the “Voices” that his father has been hearing. When he is tasked with infiltrating the ranks of his cousins to restore himself to the throne, he leaves the ring behind – but was that a mistake?

  • Coronation
    Reign of King Epsilon III, 42 years before Split Prologue: Coronation A storm was brewing the day the world went conclusively wrong for Prince Shaethan of Rahd. The sky threw a tantrum that rendered nothing safe from its tears of rain and hail. The swirling clouds spit lightning bolts that illuminated the trees below and […]
  • Rolo Ice Island
    Reign of King Ziyan, 3 years before Split Chapter one: Rolo Ice Island “Stop it, you’re scaring me.” Darkness punctuated by the softest red. Xarthanias blinked, and found himself in a dimly lit cave, his dead Aunt Chanurise sitting by a stone wall with a stern look to hide her amused smile. “Stop it, Fredric, […]
  • Blood of Blood
    Chapter two:  Blood of Blood With its bright yellow, hairy legs, the Ologan spider probed Chimley’s fingers every few steps as it crawled along. Though it was nearly as big as his fist, Chimley didn’t feel its weight at all; its delicate legs were soft like the wind playing in the tree branches overhead. The […]
  • The Curse of Ten
                 Chapter three: The Curse of Ten He stumbled blindly through the forest, tripping over feet as useless as if he were in a state of intoxication. He thought he couldn’t possibly have the strength to go on, but always the terrified screams of the children drove him forward. The smoke was thicker than ash […]
  • Preparations
    Chapter four: Preparations It seemed that no sooner had Ziyan read the heavy letter that they had said their farewells and were crossing the long, icy viaduct to the mainland of Pessolanius. They passed through the kingdoms of Cora, Denou, and Feldanra before reaching the boarders of Despartus, and then it was a half-day’s journey […]
  • Sacrifice
    Chapter four: Preparations It seemed that no sooner had Ziyan read the heavy letter that they had said their farewells and were crossing the long, icy viaduct to the mainland of Pessolanius. They passed through the kingdoms of Cora, Denou, and Feldanra before reaching the boarders of Despartus, and then it was a half-day’s journey […]
  • Sweet Belladia
    Chapter six: Sweet Belladia Belladia Yugo tugged on the lace of her travelling boot, pulling it tight enough that it would not fall off during the walk. Her parents were not fond of these boots, but she was wearing them as an act of ruefulness. They were white with pink floral stitching in flowing, swirly […]
  • Life on the Fringes
    Chapter seven: Life on the Fringes “Fredric, this has got to be your worst idea yet.”Osarius couldn’t contain a little laugh as they skirted the edge of the woods outside Kayhas’s cottage. “What happened to our passage into true manhood? We should be bringing Kayhas this man’s dead body, not crawling to higher authorities so […]
  • The First Day
    Chapter eight: The First Day Before their departure just after sunrise, Nolle and Xarthanias made a stop at the weapons room. Nolle discouraged Xarthanias from bringing his favorite sword, which was worth hundreds of thousands of gold pennies. It would be a sought-after item for thieves.  Xarthanias settled for a smaller sword and a dagger […]
  • the guardian
    Chapter nine: The Guardian “They’ve been gone a long time,” Belladia observed, “and the rain doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. I really hope they are alright.” Nolle sneezed and shivered, which jarred his foot and his head. He labored to keep his breathing even and steady, because a coughing fit […]
  • Pessolanian Blue
    Chapter ten: Pessolanian Blue The savage, guttural snarl ripped through the forest louder and more startling than any crack of thunder. A moment passed when Xarthanias thought another wild bucking match was in order, but this was a danger that Shimmer was acquainted with, and she stood her ground, tensed for action, nostrils flaring as […]
  • The First Night
    Chapter eleven: The first night Injuries ran rampant. The six weary travellers at last stopped at the first high place they could find to make camp when night fell. Though Chimley claimed to be fine, Fredric was, for the time being, the healthiest and most uninjured member of the Pilgrimage. Chimley was able to help […]
  • A perilous Journey
     Chapter thirteen: a perilous journey  At the edge of the clearing below the hill, from his spot high in a shousu tree, Chimley watched the others in their sleep. Nolleban had taken over watching Osarius for Belladia, but he was asleep now too, the chest wrapped in his arms. Osarius awoke once, his eyes still […]
  • The Fatal Inevitable
    Chapter fourteen: The Fatal Inevitable Despite all that Princess Alapar had tried to do, the house was on the verge of crumbling to its foundation. She stared out the high window at the forest below, where another family of Pessolanian blues made their hasty way through the trees, heading north, some of their fur already […]
  • The Funeral
    Chapter fifteen: The Funeral Belladia was inconsolable. She screamed obscenities and attacked anyone who tried to talk to her, to calm her down, to convince her to eat or sleep. Her eyes were glassy and crazed, her fingers red under the nails from the flesh she had scratched from those who tried to help her. […]
  • The mission
    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith Legends of Despartus Book One: The Oppressors Death, death, death all around Children crying, a pitiful sound Their parents writhe and twist in the ground Not a soul salvaged, not a soul to be found Even if you search like those bloodthirsty hounds Not a […]
  • A deadly paradox
    Chapter sixteen: A deadly paradox The grief and guilt that encased Xarthanias’s mind fell away as he helped repack everything. He wearily accepted that it was time for him to step up and be a leader, since they had to make double-time to make up for the hours of travel they had lost that almost […]
  • Old Foe
    Chapter seventeen: Old foe Creakingly, the cell door inched open, and the prisoner became aware that a light shined on his face. He cracked open one eye, and then closed it again when he saw who it was. He thought that maybe, if he tried hard enough, he could will himself out of existence. The […]
  • The Trifecta of Truth
    Chapter eighteen: The Trifecta of Truth “Libby, there’s no other option. You have got to find a way to kill me.” The prisoner paced his cell madly. The pink iridescent potion the Queen had given him was wearing off, and he was having trouble holding his thoughts in his head, but he fought the deterioration. […]
  • Inside Out
    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #fantasy #novel # Chapter Two, Inside Out Sarephina The parents were getting paranoid. Rumours of unprecedented child abductions were rampant, making parents keep their children with them as much as possible, and when twenty children went missing on the same night in the slums, they […]
  • Princess Iriana
    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #romance #fiction #fantasy Chapter Three, Princess Iriana Inidal “Prince Karif, a package has come for you.” Inidal pushed open the door to Karif’s room, tossing the considerably heavy package onto the neatly made bed. It was too early for the maid to have made it, […]
  • River Ghosts
    Chapter nineteen: River Ghosts After the fall, all Osarius could see was the golden-white water set burning by sunset’s light. After the fall, he had managed to drag up a scream, but the rushing air snatched it away with greedy fingers. Glancing down, he saw that he still had a long way before shattering on […]
  • Kreptis Etsi Elea
    Chapter twenty: Kreptis Etsi Elea (This is the Circle Path) Shaethan Munotina locked his hands behind his head and gazed up at the flickering grand chandelier. It cast strange light in his hotel room. It was a fair sized suite, the bed big enough for ten more people. It cushioned his back, sore from nights […]
  • Dark Lullabies
    Chapter twenty-one: Dark Lullabies They were getting closer to the River Verien and the Volcanic Belt. Not only could Chimley feel it, he could see it in the gradual warping of the prairie grasslands into rises and hills, the slight—imperceptible to the others—cooling of the air. And there were taller, fuller trees. Chimley watched Belladia, […]
  • The NightMare Begins
    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #fantasy #children #kidnap Chapter Four, The Nightmare Begins Orpheo Orpheo blinked through the bright light shining in the window. He was sitting on a bed, in a room he vaguely recognized, wearing clothes that felt familiar. He looked around, and everything fell into place; he […]
  • Fear the unknown
    Chapter twenty-two: Fear the Unknown Though Fredric hadn’t imagined their reunion in detail, he never would have expected himself to cry. His shock could not have compared to that of Xarthanias, Nolle, Belladia and Chimley, but he was stunned motionless at the sight of them. Belladia and Osarius looked as though the shock would kill […]
  • Dismal Threshold
    Chapter twenty-three: Dismal Threshold He had told the story almost exactly the way her father had when they had first come to live on the Belt. She remembered walking through the fantastical night forest at the age of ten, clutching her father with one hand and trailing her fingers over the glowing fauna with the […]
  • What he wouldn’t give
    Chapter twenty-four: What He Wouldn’t Give Before leaving the hotel, Shaethan had caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror. He rarely saw himself, and so it was easy to see the progression of the dilapidation of his appearance. Though in reality he was no more than sixty-eight, grey hairs took firm possession of his […]
  • When Scars Fade
    Chapter twenty-five: When Scars Fade Stop it Fredric, you’re scaring me. Xarthanias blinked sleepily, looking around at his friends. They had the strangest expressions, a sort of shock he couldn’t place. Except Alapar, the new girl. She looked smugly at Belladia, who looked annoyed but still dumbfounded. He nervously glanced down at himself, wondering if […]
  • Midnight Star
    Chapter twenty-six: Midnight Star The rain continued long after dark. It washed the scent of acid from their clothes and hair, but it didn’t wash away the trepidation. Osarius refused to look back at the Ridge, and Alapar wished that the only memories she had to avoid lay behind her. In truth she was sandwiched […]
  • Black Innocence
    Chapter twenty-seven: Black Innocence As usual, Milek was full of bright ideas. They had been picking spearmint and cinnamon in the Dalziel Wood since yesterday, having decided to sleep in the wood one last time before the stormy season arrived, and inevitably couldn’t have stayed out of trouble if their lives had depended on it. […]
  • The Shadows Return
    Chapter twenty-eight: The Shadows Return Alapar wished that she could be only a body. She was the only one not asleep in their bathwater. She played with the bubbles, enjoying an unparalleled sensation of bliss as the water washed over her cuts and bruises and soreness and stiffness and grime that went right to her […]
  • Path To Glory
    Chapter twenty-nine: Path to Glory Night birds called to each other merrily, and a soft breeze brought the scents of the forest. It had been warmer during the day but the night snuffed out the life of the air around him. The lights from the houses blinked in the distance. Before him was a massive […]
  • Forbidden Knowledge Seekers
    Chapter thirty: Forbidden Knowledge Seekers No matter what she did, the walls kept tumbling down. The floor collapsed on itself with a thunderous roar, the foundation giving way like paper. And she ran and ran, and still she wasn’t fast enough. There was a mortal scream, like a soul lost at sea. Alapar raced down […]

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