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Things have been unstable for sometime, but now, a global war has broken out, precipitated by a deadly disease that is quickly infecting and killing millions. Suddenly, ordinary problems like school, concerts, and sibling rivalry takes a back seat as kids are forced to learn how to survive – and that means joining the fight. The world is on lockdown, but a brave few will risk everything to bring hope to the world. Is anyone safe? And will there ever be a cure?

  • From “Rubble”
    I worked on this story during my senior year of high school, a very dramatic time. It was mostly a way to nerd out about things I was learning, and now I don’t understand any of it…
  • Hope for the Future
    Hope for the Future The cages hadn’t been cleaned for a while. Lab rats scurried over shredded newspapers stiff with feces and dried urine, nibbled on days-old crumbs of food, and licked the dusty insides of their water dishes in vain. Every time someone passed they started up a desperate shrieking, but the passerby were […]
  • Airspace
    AirspacE “Sweetheart, how can you eat all of that?” Carmella asked her nephew, staring in horror at his…breakfast. For lack of a better word. He shot her a look, melted marshmallow dripping from his lips. “I mean…don’t you think the triple chocolate cookies are a bit much?” Her toast popped out of the toaster, and […]
  • Crucible
    Crucible “Dear God,” Adrien Miller printed carefully, making sure all his letters were the same height. “I’m sorry we ruined your planet. I know you made it to be a really nice planet, so that we could have everything we needed. I’m sorry we tried to make perfect things better, and ended up making things […]
  • Shattered
    Shattered The explosion rocked the foundations of the world. Flames rose up, leaping to devour whatever it could close its jaws over. The fire alarm shrieked in terror over the intercom, amplified throughout the school. Some of Timothy’s classmates ducked behind the lab benches, some just stood screaming and clutching their friends. The acrid smell […]
  • Promenade
    Marecia Zenan nearly dropped the hamburgers in her rush to get the phone when it rang. “I’ve got it!” she yelled upstairs to make absolutely sure her mom didn’t try to answer it. She knew it would be Jamie, asking for the twelfth time if she had asked her parents’ permission to go to the […]
  • Taken
    Taken But why can’t I have more cake?” Veronica pleaded, squeezing Anica’s hand in a death grip. “Because, sweetheart, you’ve already had three pieces. You’re going to be very sick if you eat any more.” “Madame!” shrieked Niki. “Michelle broke my tablet!” Anica felt like she was in some sort of bubble. The arguments and […]
  • Instigation
    Instigation No one was home. Aunt Carmella had dragged Timothy away for a haircut, and even Platinum was at the vet for his seasonal heart replacement. Olivia ordered a pizza for dinner, and when it arrived in the chute, she took it to the backyard side of the wrap-around porch. From here, she had a […]
  • Commensal
    Good people are remembered long after they are gone, but the wicked are soon forgotten. Proverbs 10:7 Iabella threw her car keys onto the wall magnet and stepped out of her shoes. In tripping over a pair of pink and purple pumps, she determined that her sister was home from Athens. It was hard to […]
  • Blackout
    Blackout The Intercity Committee had gone all-out in planning the concert hall. Seat placement was not an issue, as all the seats levitated and followed an invisible, tightly winding circuit through the auditorium. Everyone got to be up front eventually. The stage had three stories made of metal skeletons. Cyrus, the drummer, had his own […]
  • Sojourner
    Sojourner Your love reaches higher than the heavens, and your loyalty extends beyond the clouds. Psalm 108:4 Timothy had gone inside the principal’s office to plead his case about some prank or another. Out of pre-class boredom, Isabella had agreed to stay in the office waiting area. Thumbs flying over her phone, she pretended to […]
  • Desolation
    Desolation It took several hours, but eventually the fatal chaos petered out. Everyone huddled around the walls of the concession lobby, staring at the bloody mess further in. Five people lay dead, trampled or mangled or otherwise broken. Two lay under the giant blocks that had fallen from the ceiling. Only a bloody hand and […]
  • Love
    Love It’s easy to condemn those who are suffering, when you have no troubles. (Job 12:5) Over pecan pie and orange pekoe, Isabella and the Kearnes watched the world fall apart. News came in from Italy, Sudan, America, Canada, and Egypt about which major buildings had been bombed, which media stars and politicians had been […]
  • Life
    Life In the dream, Anica was at the airport. At first glance, it seemed like the aerotram station, but through the window, jetliners could be seen taking off. All the seats of the boarding area were filled with kids from the Memorial Center. How she knew this, she wasn’t sure, since she could only see […]
  • Disconnected
    Disconnected The teachers were barely interested in teaching. Like the students, half had not even shown up. Ordinarily everyone would have taken advantage of the faculty’s distraction by convincing them to let the class go early. But instead, they listened aptly to broken lessons, took avid notes of the hastily prepared slides. Today nobody wanted […]
  • Compilation
    Kindness By the time the supplies arrived, Marecia wasn’t sure whether she wanted to kill Immer Chapalu or kiss him. Or maybe both. He unloaded yet another box of supplies from the belly of the airlifter onto the broken roof of the concert hall, his muscles rippling, his hair caressed by the evening breeze. She […]
  • Hysteria
    Hysteria It wasn’t hard to sneak away from school. No one thought to have anyone watch the exits during evening assembly time. If nothing else, she needed to be alone and decide how to feel. Golden sunlight worked its way through the trees along the riverbank, making the rocks sparkle. Isabella peeled off her clothes […]
  • Deception
    Deception At first, Isabella wasn’t sure whether she wanted to join her friends when she caught sight of them in the English room. The morning was full of potential, and she had planned to find Cassandra so they could talk. But as she hovered beside the doorway, contemplating checking in at least once so they […]
  • Houses
    Houses Carmen came in promptly at sunrise to get fresh supplies for her day in  the sick room. Seeing the girl’s tired, apprehensive face, Isabella tried not to smile. It was like looking at a mirror of her own self months ago, when she realized that being a hero wasn’t as glamorous as Disney movies […]
  • Aficionado
    Aficionado The sound of distant guns had quieted for now, replaced by the nearer sound of coming thunder. While Isabella carried the steaming bucket of diarrhea and vomit through the woods, she prayed repeatedly: Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this opportunity to help someone I care about. Please help me to find your blessings […]
  • confessions
    Confessions “Aw, Jamie, I’m just going to go right out and say it,” Marecia decided with a sigh. They were alone in the pre-show room, until Sandra’s lessons started up again. It was tough work cleaning everything with barely enough water to take a sip of, but at least they were able to make an […]
  • Portrait
    Portrait Marti gazed down at them from her perch on the shed. The shoes dangled from her stubby fingers, just out of reach. “A man walks into his brother’s painting studio to find three paintings on three easels, one in a gold frame, one in a bronze frame, and one in a copper frame. In […]
  • Extinction
    Extinction Garnet refused to look back to see if anyone was following her. She simply didn’t have the time to be paranoid right now. The long walk stretched before her like a math problem, one with four thousand simple steps, four thousand opportunities to make a mistake and destroy all the subsequent calculations. She walked […]
  • Accident
    Accident Losing your temper is foolish; ignoring an insult is smart. (Proverbs 12:16) The door banged open and then shut, but Immer didn’t look up. The air had gotten suddenly colder, so it could only be Michael. “I’m working, Michael,” Immer said, putting a pistol in place on a shelf. Frowning, he counted them again. […]
  • Torched
    Torched It was a little hard to see in the bushes, but Marecia knew that if she moved she would be spotted. Adjusting the binoculars, she caught sight of someone in the window on the top floor. Actually, it was two someones. She couldn’t quite tell, but she thought maybe it was a man and […]
  • Tesselations
    Tessellations Even though Geoff was only twelve, Immer claimed he had some sort of prodigal potential that no one else could see. So far he had failed or barely scraped by on most of his assignments, but the others covered for him, fearing Immer’s wrath if it seemed he had been wrong. On the morning […]
  • Rigor Mortis
    Epilogue: Rigor Mortis Officer Camino coughed and violently waved dust out of the air. He picked his way carefully through the basement rubble left behind by the bomb. The wall with the only window had collapsed. Covering the space were the corpses of the other walls. The moaning of the unfortunate survivors was the only […]

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