The Diary of Penelope Valentine

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June 3rd 2004

Dear Diary,

My mom and my dad are downstairs, arguing. Apparently my dad ran off to California last weekend and won’t tell my mom why. She doesn’t believe his story, nobody does. Tonight Peter and I did the dishes as fast as we could and dashed up the three flights of steps to my room. Peter is at my computer, and I decided to dig this book out from the depths of my closet and start up a Diary. I have this strange feeling that something vitally interesting is going to happen. I don’t know what. I just hope its not bad.

I have never really kept a Diary before. I guess I should say what I did today. Maybe I should have started with that. Oops.

Lets see. I woke up. Went for a jog with Johanna and Johnathan and Priscilla. Came back and made breakfast. Since my dad was home, I decided to bring my mom up a tray.  Dad being home means dad has a hangover, so I don’t usually bother with him. He didn’t wake up until supper time, to argue with my mom, but I’m getting ahead of myself, I guess. After breakfast Priscilla and me met Josh and Ty at the Ex for a soda and to discuss what we would do for the day. Josh  suggested we go to Tibryan A taori and just hang out. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really want to go. Josh’s idea of just hanging out is locking lips until hell freezes over. On the beach. I envy Priscilla and Ty. They have such an easy relationship, and Ty never makes her kiss him. I know, I should dump him, and he’s being disrespectful and all that, but I just… can’t. He is my first real boyfriend, and as much as I hate it I don’t want it to end. A really annoying thing about Josh is that when we say goodbye, he acts like he’s never going to see me again. it’s depressing. Not that I would mind never seeing Josh again, it just makes me feel, I don’t know, possessed. When ever we go to Tibryan A taori, I always wear my gold swimsuit, because Josh says I look so sexy in it, and maybe I can catch the eye of someone else and have a reason-not a good one, but a reason nonetheless- to break up with Josh. So far it hasn’t worked, but perseverance has always been one of my strong points.


After Tibryan A taori, I said I really have to go, and ran off. The key to dealing with Josh is springing things spur-of-the-moment-like. Then by the time he has absorbed it, I’m already gone. So I went home and hid until supper time. that’s when my father came down from his hole in the wall and joined the living. And you know the story after that.

I think I would be okay to say good bye or good night or whatever now. Goodnight, Diary.

June 4th 2004

Dear Diary,

It occurred to me last night that I should probably have described myself. If someone is reading this way in the future, you are probably wondering who I am. And all the people and places I have mentioned so far.

My name is Penelape Valentine, and I am sixteen years old. I live on Victoria’s island, British Columbia

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~ Romans 15:13

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