Prologue: Reminiscence

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Prologue: reminiscence

Leuse says that it is my duty as king to record the events and happenings in my life, so that when I die my loyal subjects and my kin may know the truth of my past, years subsequent to the conclusion of my reign.

The old prune.

It was Sivu who actually convinced me that recording the story of my life on paper might be beneficial in any way. She reminded me that my father never got a chance to write his story, and that I never got to really know him. At first I was cross with her for bringing it up, but then I realized—grudgingly—that she is right. I could not do that to my son.

But that is not the only reason.

You see, Erbas, when I was sixteen, I had no idea who I really was, and if I had I could have avoided a lot of troubles. You are not who you think you are, and I don’t want you to go your entire life thinking you are who you are not. So in knowing the truth about me, you will know the truth about yourself. I suppose I could just tell you, but it would make a lot more sense if I started at the beginning. And so I have decided to make a book. Consequently, I am appeasing Leuse, Sivu, and myself. Killing three birds with one stone, as the humans would say.

So I unearthed a box of scrolls and a quill from the dust at the back of our wardrobe, and here I am. Gysomy is stretched before the fire on the great Tecovedan rug (he glares at me every now and then), and Cele is reading by moonlight one of her romances on the balcony outside. It’s one of those rare nights when both of our moons agree to share the sky. It’s amazing what they can do when they work together. They outshine all the stars; it could almost be day. But tomorrow they will go back to their old ways, circling each other like predacious enemies, Zaam with her stark beauty and Sime with her envious green splendour. Night shall reign once again as she was meant to: mysterious and tyrannizing. But for now, she is silenced by a revolt of cooperation.

Cele is really starting to get to me.

But whoever is reading this, and when, don’t ever let anyone tell you that Leuse is the reason that my story got recorded. Nor was it Sivu, for that matter (though she did play a key role, I probably would have figured it out on my own). It is because of my father, King Huninjei, and my son, Prince Erbas.

And of course, God, the true King of Maragadi. 

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