The Right Way to Die

Death, death, death all around

Children crying, a long, lonesome sound

Their parents lie like rocks in the ground

Not a soul salvaged, not a soul to be found

Even if we searched like those bloodthirsty hounds

Not a soul salvaged, every soul drowned

Killers in the dark, be gone from my heart

Killers in the night, be gone from my sight

Killers in the dawn, you too must be gone

Killers in the day, even you cannot stay

Killers in Hell, I bid thee farewell!

Hear ye, hear ye, make way for the King!

Make way for the choir that joyfully sings!

Make way for the souls who we all thought were gone

Make way for the right to correct all wrongs!

Make way for the darkness, make way for the light

Make way for the killers of dawn, day and night

Make way for the stars that will fall to the ground

There’s death, death

Death all around.

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