Clock Watchers

We come from a long line of clock watchers

Who try to put time in a frame

We need to have the time in our greedy hands.

We try to cage time and chain it

It is a force with no form, no face

Just another power that slips through our hands.

Time changes, time passes, time can’t be tamed

Rejecting the substance we try to give it

We’re not its master.

Our days are numbered on a scale we create

We watch the clock, count down seconds

Note what happened when.

And in the even that something good happens

We try to make it last

But time can’t be hindered or hurried.

Why even try? Time is on my side

Just five more minutes, I’ll do it tomorrow,

Today just won’t do.

Time doesn’t have a side! It’s steady as a rock

It flows like a river

It doesn’t tick like a clock!

It isn’t in an hourglass,

A sundial

A watch in the sky.

You can’t smell, hold or taste it

It’s not a question

It’s not an answer.

Like a river it will run out, like a rock it will sink

We watch the clock ticking

Counting time as it passes us by.

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