Backward Circles – My Fake (Future?) TV Show

The darkness is often hidden in the light. The light can be blinding, and nothing is as innocent as it seems. In this dark and twisted tale, Lanie, Ben, and Jake must navigate life after they return from a disastrous mission trip in Somalia. Their small town of Kirkby, Alberta, is the root of the abuse and neglect that has wreaked havoc on their minds and shaken their belief in God. Eaten by guilt, Lanie must return to the seedy underbelly of her life to keep Ben safe from the danger that has brought them all home. Jake vowed to protect Ben from anyone, including Lanie, but finds it difficult not to answer the call from the sirens of his violent past. And Ben isn’t sure what Jake’s problem is, because he’s pretty sure Lanie is the answer to all his drunken prayers – no matter what she has to say about it. As they search for answers about love, faith, and life, these three are haunted by shared traumas that could destroy not only themselves, but each other, if they don’t face it once and for all.