A Saviour’s Path – Synopsis

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Want to read some rough chapter drafts? I’d love any feedback – good and bad, whether you love it or hate it! Just a trigger warning and note that it might get very dark mature in nature, and a detour from my childhood works, which are (usually) a lot more family friendly. Viewer discretion is advised.

Read on for a book-jacket synopsis humbly (and aspirationally) written by yours truly, as a confidence building exercise.

This is the Circle Path 
The Path we all must follow
Follow till the bitter end
Until the Path begins again
Begins anew and never ends. 

No one can escape, my friend.

This is the Endless Path
The Path that they Must Follow
To the Past from Now to Then 
When the Path Begins Again
Begin Anew and Make Amends 
And Follow Till the Bitter End.

Because this is the Saviour’s Path
A Path They Make Us Follow
The Fatal Path from Now to Then 
When the Path Begins Again
Find the Path and Make Amends 
And Walk the Path Until End.


Lanie has been on the run since her parents’ disappearance ten years ago, using her inheritance to travel the world to save and protect underprivileged children. Because if she doesn’t do it, who will? If God won’t even protect innocent children who have no one else, what’s even the point of Him? As she waits for….something, only going home once per year, she does her best to distance herself from the useless beliefs that were beaten into her as a child, and eradicate the voice that keeps calling her back. But she’s not certain how long she can keep this up – surely she’s got to get her life back on track one day. It’s been ten years, for crying out loud. Surely the danger has passed by now. So, this will be her second-last mission – the last time she visits Somalia, her favorite mission base – and she’s determined to enjoy it, then finally go home, no matter what might be waiting for her. But things go wrong from the start: not only is her long-term fling not coming, but the new architect in charge of rebuilding the bombed-out school is a total dumbass, and she’s never been busier trying to keep a full-grown man from peril. Ben, by the way, is in the middle of an existential crisis or whatever, and in general, he’s not really sure what he’s doing with his life. There aren’t enough drugs, parties, or women in the world to make him happy, and the cushy volunteer work he’s been gratifying himself with doesn’t satisfy him anymore. Some blood, sweat and tears, along with a little mortal danger, should keep his mind off missing the trappings of his old life. And sure, maybe he’s looking for God, or something, after that weird experience he had in rehab. But his determination to sacrifice himself for others, and his basic lack of respect for his own life, make Lanie want to literally kill him. Well, when she’s not entertaining other perplexing fantasies, which make no sense, because he’s not her type. Truly. Until one night, their world is torn apart, and their fates are forever soldered together in a flaming blaze of glory. Everyone wants to know: how does one truly save? Rescuing, protecting, sacrificing, substituting, pruning, or redeeming? Can you really fling God out of your life so hard that He won’t find you – and show you the true journey of evil and salvation?

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~ Romans 15:13

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