Dawn’s Ridge

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Chapter six: Dawn’s Ridge

My experience at the bridge gave me a new perspective on life. I swore to myself that I would never be anything less than a gentleman to Mia again. as much as I worried about what she deserved, I had never made an effort to be what she deserved. Well, no more.

And I would be happy that I was no longer a slave to my hole.

It really had disappeared. It had been I who had clung to the last threads of what wasn’t there. It had all been in my imagination, like the voice of the abyss.

We never spoke of our romantic relationship. For now, being friends was better than anything else. I was ready for anything more, and now she accepted that. Even though I still wondered what might have been, I usually squished the thought before it could develop too far.

I told the entire story, just as she had told me hers. She understood perfectly well my feelings about everything. She was amazingly non-judgmental for someone with such a fiery attitude. She didn’t even comment much about the poor humans I captured.

I wasn’t so snippy about using up more time. The forest was just in front of us, a three second run if we should find any trouble. It helped to improve my mood. I wasn’t as thirsty as I thought I was.

Finally, I decided that we should probably get going. Reluctantly, she took the hand that I offered to help her up. I was in such good spirits that I didn’t let it go when she was steady on her feet. We set off toward the forest at a leisurely pace.

The ground we were walking on was made of sedimentary gold and garnet, cemented together. We were on a long ridge that extended to our left and right as far as the eye could see. Dawn’s Ridge, I recalled from a map I had seen. How pretty it would look in the sunrise. Mia gazed at the ground, fascinated.

“Is all the ground here made of precious gems?” she asked.

“They are only precious to you,” I reminded her. “We could care less what the ground was made of.” She nodded, but continued to stare at the ground. I smiled surreptitiously.

How nice it was to smile! I couldn’t believe I had actually wanted to be as mean as I had been.  Being nice was much more suited to my liking.

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