My Dream (Starring BTS, Will Smith, and the essence of James Corden)

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Well guys, as you can imagine, this entrepreneur has been under a bit of stress lately. Launching 80 Days for Christian Charities (please guys, like and share!) trying to find the right assistant, and just living my life. So I did my worry therapy thing last night again, for the third time, and I’m really starting to think it’s not the tool for me. Not only was I up way too early again, I also got a migraine this morning and had to go back to sleep. Just literally waking up now. Usually I can’t sleep through migraines, but I did, and man…well, read for yourself.

I think for the whole of the dream we were on the set of The Late Late Late Show. It was that weird purple and pink dusky background, concrete floor, and weird fake stuff like potted palms everywhere. For some of the dream we were on this airplane that was half empty for social distancing. For some of it I was flying with my son I think, trying to get him to sit still and such. But it was also like a city bus, where some of the seats face toward the aisle. There was a very large woman who I guess passed out and had to be given oxygen, but I feel like the oxygen mask was actually fake and maybe there was cake.

Anyway, this weird fake airplane was only one set for this dream. Another thing that happened is that three or four members of BTS were there, and they were performing a weird, silent version of James Corden’s “I’m a Dad” song that he did with Ashton Kutcher, with the awful colourful strollers and everything. But part of the dance involved coming in and out of the airplane bathroom, and the door kept getting stuck. Finally, they all just went in there (somehow) and disappeared.

Another weird part of the dream was that me and my son were on a volcanic island in “Hawaii,” but really it was just a very large James Corden set with more potted palms and ferns so that it looked like a jungle. I think it may have also been a resort. My son had this bed that had a big fish tank for a headboard, except it was filled with lava. I walked in to find he had happily put his whole arm in there and I got so made at him. But then I looked closer and it was apparently warm melted cheese. I still went to go look for help and get it removed.

Now, I’m telling this out of order to help me make sense of it. But at some point, closer to the beginning of the dream, I think, I was helping my dad sort cows. We were inside an arena at like an exhibition Center, but I think somehow the field was also inside the centre. And yes, it was a James Corden set. Most of the cows were black and white. We did a good job, and I think I then went to the jungle with my son. Then I came back and my dad was gone, but I decided to do the cows on my own. But I was also sorting a smashed Oreo cake into two bowls, so I wasn’t paying attention. All the cows got out, my dad came back and got really mad, but I just kept sorting my cake. It was soooo good. Creamy frosting, crumbled dark chocolate cake.

At some point I was actually home and a helicopter landed in my front yard, too. So that happened.

This went on for some time, and then Will Smith was there. I think somehow he was actually doing an interview for The Late Late Show but I was watching on the other side. He was explaining how he was dead. I think he had diabetes or something, but it even flashed back to him in a hospital bed, with a little 6-year-old girl who was his daughter. He was sitting up in that bed, smiling and explaining to her what was happening and that it was all going to be okay, while they unplugged his tubes and wires. Then I guess it cuts back to Will Smith on the show, and that’s the last thing I remember.

My brain is a toxic mess. I’m technically taking the day off today, but this is the first dream I’ve remembered in a couple of days and it was a doozy. You guys seem to like my dream reviews better than my actual stories so there you go.

Seriously, though, go nominate a charity for 80 Days. That would really take a load off and let me actually dream of James Corden next time. And if someone could tell me what on earth this dream means, I’ll give you a quadrillion dollars.

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