The Sheffield House

Beyond the rusted, twisted gates

Lay the ruins of a once bright estate

Ghosts are hiding in the gloom

Playing tag in the dusty rooms

I awoke this morning with a poem in my heart

And put it to song before my start

With naught but a beeswax candle’s light

I stole away into the night

The beautiful song was quick to die

When the Sheffield House awoke before my eyes

Where saints and angels dare not tread

Where princes died and maidens bled

Where joy and sunshine are far and few

Where dead women kneel in the pews

There’s nothing to see by but candlelight

As I await the downfall of night

When are you coming and at what price?

I cannot wait here all my life

If you are in need of time, so it shall be

But I cannot grant what you don’t ask of me.

And so I live on like a shaking mouse

In the shadow of the Sheffield House

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