Jumping the Broom

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Well, after watching La La Land, I definitely have a lot to say about this movie. There was definitely a lot going on, with multiple story threads and conflicts and character arcs. While the romantic conflict in this one wasn’t about a choice between a career dream and a relationship, the main couple still had to intentionally choose each other despite some pretty poor decisions and shocking revelations. The characters were all believable, and were all relatable and at times detestable. The leading lady was definitely not a Disney Princess, even though she might have thought she was.

This movie combined hopeless romanticism, family hardship, and racial tension in a mostly satisfactory way. It did make me cry a couple times, and while the resolution to the couple’s conflict felt a bit rushed (as all the supporting characters kept pointing out how rushed the couple’s relationship was), I think it had the basics right. Relationships aren’t worth throwing away just because things are messy. Also, couples will continually mess up, no matter their intentions or visions for the relationship.

One storyline I really enjoyed was the mother and father of the bride. They had been having some troubles for a very long time, and were not even speaking to each other for the most part. Although it was ultimately an over-the-top drama that got them talking again, I think sometimes that’s how these conflicts go. You don’t talk for so long that you don’t even remember why, and then something big happens and you can finally start to open up again and let go of the resentment. I loved how the mother told her daughter that she was committed to her husband no matter what, even before she had any evidence that things would ever get better. She decided that while things were pretty terrible, this would not be their “worse.” Even though her parents were barely talking, the bride still saw this as an aspirational relationship (she is a bit Disney, as I said).

This movie was full of chemistry and life and tension and heartache and joy. It even had some faith elements to it, and showed how messy faith can be too. Everything is a mess. So there’s no point making “not messy” a criteria for anything. Strength of character, and a whole lot of forgiveness, are what’s important.

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