Bible Bits: An innocent Man Framed

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In Genesis Chapter 39, we finally return to Joseph in slavery in Egypt after that cliff hanger in Chapter 37 and that weird detour with Judah and Tamar. Once again the plot thickens with a sex scandal, only this time, a scorned wife cries rape to get revenge on a man just trying to do his job. Even the smallest infractions from slaves can be grounds for death from slaves – what will become of Joseph when his master finds out?

Sometimes people don’t realize the damage they do when they make a false accusation against someone – not only will their credibility be completely shot if something ever really does happen to them, but they may completely destroy someone else’s life. This is especially true when it comes to serious crimes such as rape – where often victims have been forced into secrecy, disbelieved, or somehow made to feel that what happened was their fault or they should have done more to prevent it. In an age where so many advocates have made great and painful strides to ensure that every victim is believed, false testimonies do immeasurable harm to true victims.

Have you ever been accused or suspected of something you didn’t do? How did it affect your life, your work? Was the situation ever resolved?

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