Guest Post – Grounding

  • by Francisca Nyachoto

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘grounding ‘ is the Earth…connection to the earth, connection to nature, stability, tranquillity, peace and a perfect stillness.

Living in the times we are, the pandemic has left many people feeling unsettled, off centre and ungrounded. 

What was supposed to be normal is all of a sudden history and  societies have been thrown  into uncertainty.  Many jobs which were supposedly stable have been lost, forever homes have been foreclosed. Stable routines for children and young adults in education have been lost. And ultimately precious lives have been taken unexpectedly . 

 It was not supposed to be like this and most of us never thought we’d experience a pandemic during our lifetime. But here we are. The way of life as most of us knew it just changed without notice. With so many people feeling anxious and overwhelmed, there’s never been a better time for learning techniques to get one back to centre, calm down and feel in control despite the outside upheaval. 

Grounding techniques help one to quickly stop anxiety or panic attacks in their tracks. It helps to  quickly snap one back to the present moment and restore calm. 

There are several techniques of grounding  which can quickly turn a situation around. According to Fillidor, a licenced therapist at Talkspace,  the first techniques to start should be physical and involve the body. This way  a person is quickly brought back to their body so they can focus on the present moment.

Physical grounding can be easily achieved by something as simple as walking barefoot on the ground or grass or wading through water and swimming.

Human beings are electrical beings and need to be earthed  just like we have earthing in electrical systems which,  in case of a short circuit, directs the electricity into the ground and the appliances and homes are kept safe .

Similarly when a person grounds themself by walking barefoot on the grass or earth, electrons are said to leave the earth into the body resulting in balancing the body’s defence system and as a result improve well being.  

Though little research has been done regarding this, one review study says that  through grounding, the natural defence system of the body can be restored. Another study reported that pain, stress , fatigue and depression were reduced after learning the grounding  therapy.

Children innately know this as they like to run around with no shoes on and play in the dirt. But as adults, most of us lose that spontaneity and spend days on end without going barefoot and walking outside.  Feel the grass, water and soil on your feet and you’ll  get back to centre and feel in control of your life.

For those who want to practice grounding indoors, grounding mats are sold online.

Here are a few other examples of how to ground: 

-Place hands in hot or cold water and noticing how it feels on the palms, fingertips and the back of your hands

  • Deep breathing. Taking deep breaths can interrupt anxiety and slow down the feeling of panic and calm a person down.
  • Exercise. Can be something like skipping rope, doing jumping Jack’s, stretching.  Exercise increases the level of endorphins (the feel good hormones) in the body
  • Listen to surrounding noises . Do you hear birds chirping? Dogs barking? People talking? Cars driving by? Let the sounds in and let them remind you of where you are.
  • Use maths. You can simply do the times table or count backwards from 100. This will cause your mind to quickly shift from the anxiety.
  • Play your favourite music and dance. Music really changes the atmosphere and can quickly lighten the mood.
  • This is the best one…think of your loved ones and better still if you can, get on the phone with them. Even with the isolation many have  been feeling, there are so many ways of communication: video calling, WhatsApp, Skype etc.
  • For those with pets, get a cuddle or walk them outside. For those without, get onto YouTube and watch a few cat or dog videos. 
  • Laughter is always the best medicine. Watch funny videos. Get on the phone with your funny buddy and get a good belly laugh
  • For the spiritually minded, meditation or prayer can quickly ground you as you acknowledge a greater force or God and let go of your worries and concerns.
  • Go for a slow walk and notice the movements of your body and how it feels as you take each step. Look up as you walk and notice the sky, the surroundings that you don’t normally pay attention to.

These are just but a few ways to snap back into the present and remind yourself that despite the seemingly overwhelming situation you face, your life is not at threat and you’re still here and in control. If one needs more help please reach out to licenced therapists who can support you through the trying times.


About Francisca Nyachoto

Francisca Nyachoto daydreams about becoming a full-time writer but still spends most of her days in a dispensary. When free, she likes to learn about the mysteries of this world and why we are here. She hopes to make a valuable contribution to society during her lifetime.

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