You took my happiness, smiles and joy

What you couldn’t take, you simply destroyed

But you took something above everything else

You took me from the living, you took me from myself

You took my dignity, squeezed my soul from my pores

You closed my heart and burned all open doors

I’ve looked and I’ve looked! I just can’t find myself

People turn deaf ears to all my cries for help

You took the future and stabbed me in the eyes

You made me watch the flame of hope flicker out and die

But the flame still smolders under my tears and broken dreams

Because I’ve learned through what I lost that nothing’s what it seems.

You’ve done something more than evil, blackened through and through

You’ve taken my ability to see what’s not and what is true

I really need to find myself and know just who I am

I don’t want to wonder if I will get me back again

People on the outside don’t know what’s going on within

I’m hanging from my fingernails from straws that are too thin

You have made a difference but you couldn’t leave a mark

You have taken everything. There’s nothing left to scar.

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