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Sometimes don’t you just wonder….

Are some of the people in the Bible really aliens?

Why exactly did God seem to make a bet with Satan that Job wouldn’t curse Him?

What are we actually doing here?

Is prayer, like, God’s food or something? Why do we need to do it?

What does “sin” really mean? And why is it such a big deal?

And…is there really a battle between good and evil going on around us? Right now? As you’re reading this? RIGHT NOW?

Well, let’s imagine that we could meet angels. And demons. People in heaven, people in hell. Let’s imagine we were there during creation, during the great fall of Lucifer, God’s light-bringer, who actually became the incarnation of evil itself. By imagining and speculating on how this pure, unbridled, un-distilled evil could come from one who was supposed to bring so much good, maybe we can understand the levels of evil that exist inside ourselves. And the good, too.

I’ve been inspired by a little bit of everything. Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. Halo, by Alexandra Adornetto. Lucifer, the TV show, which at first I thought was a bit of harmless fun. But especially compared to the comics, this attempt to make the Father of Lies into a goofy, affable, misunderstood, childlike character is actually quite blasphemous.

There’s the Good Place. But the problem is, their conclusion is that life is only meaningful if it comes to an end at some point. We will always be bound by time, and because we will always be aware of the passage of time, an eternity seems drab, boring, and meaningless. And of course, the points system. Basically, living a good life is futile, and then the afterlife is also boring – and futile.

And, oddly enough, Snowpiercer. Don’t ask me why, I know there’s no supernatural things in it, I just love that show. I’m sure it’s going to show up somehow.

Welcome to my weird imagination and unfinished works, folks! Whatever I write, whenever I end up writing it – enjoy!

What’s your favorite supernatural show?

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