Introducing Me Part 1 (Planet Hope Crowdfunding!)

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Why, hello there. Welcome to a series of nerdy videos where I talk about myself and ask for money. Step right in! I recorded this last autumn when we started the Sunshine in Malawi Campaign, but never posted it. Well, we are coming back around with a spring crowdfunding campaign, so I would love it if you would support our team! Learn about me and what we are all about at my company, Planet Hope.

Planet Hope’s subsidy program is now accepting new one-time, short-term, and long-term clients for the spring and summer season! 

Our services are open to all types of clients, and our target clients are Christian non-profits and charities like you. Our mandate is to ensure that cost is not a barrier to accessing services that will enable your organization to spread its message, increase social media engagement, and ultimately continue to grow its donor and support base. 

By leveraging our community for support, we are able to bring services to you at a cost you can afford – whether that is above or below our base prices. Even though our base prices are less than half of the market rate, we feel called to ensure that cost is never an issue. Along with our amazing and talented volunteer staff, we seek grants and other funding programs, we have been blessed with supporters who contribute to our crowdfunds, and we have clients who “pay it forward” by paying over and above their invoice total to help the next subsidy client in line. We match volunteer hours and subsidy funds to your budget. Then we complete your project on time and to your complete satisfaction. 

Does speaking in front of people make you nervous? What helps you to deal with this?

I’m the founder of Planet Hope Christian Enterprising, a nonprofit marketing and communications agency. We provide pay-what-you can services to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them, especially Christian Charities. If you like these videos, please support our work by donating to our crowdfunding campaign! Every dollar helps.

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