Jealous Plots – The Bible a Bit at a Time

What happens when Jacob gets yet another taste of his own scheming medicine? His sons devise plots yet again for one of their siblings, but this time, not to rescue, but to destroy. And when one young woman is the victim of yet more trickery, will her counter-trickery remedy the situation – or get herself killed? Jealousy, treachery and betrayal run deep in the new Israelite family – how will God respond to the mischief his chosen ones and their partners-in-crime get into?

Today we read Genesis Chapters 35 – 39. One thing that really stood out to me is the double standard of prostitution – the women often get much more social backlash for it then men do. Why is that? If it’s alright for a woman to be a prostitute but not a man, wouldn’t men not have the prostitutes that they apparently want? Maybe it’s a form of self-loathing – but if you’re committing the act with someone, how can you condemn them and excuse yourself?

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